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The Rennie’s River

“Give It Up” Challenge!

          We just had a few more donations come in, so our new total is now $1168.80!  Thank you for your support of the Canadian Red Cross efforts in Fort McMurray.





School Clean Up was a huge success!!  Thank you to everyone who came out and Lynn Sullivan for organizing.



May 26                         Elementary Spring Concert at 7:00 pm

May 27                         Kinderstart session (No classes for Kindergarten students)

May 30                         DARE Graduation at 10:30

June 2                          Musical Showcase at 7:00 pm

June 7-9                      Provincial Assessments (Grade 3 and 6)

June 9                          Kindergarten Concert at 1:00pm

June 13                        Fun Day (possible date)

June 17                        Fun Day (possible date)

June 20                        Fun Day (possible date)

June 22                        Grade 6 Leaving Ceremony

June 23                        Last Day of school for students

June 24                        Administrative Day